About Us

Sharpsville Container Corporation

 Sharpsville Container Corporation (SCC) is a process equipment manufacturer, providing integrated engineering solutions, primarily focused on fluid and gas handling containment. As an ISO 9001 company SCC offers a full range of stainless steel storage tanks, UN/DOT transport vessels, gas cylinders, fermenters and reactors. We proudly serve the Food, Dairy, Industrial, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, High Pressured Gas, Renewable Fuels and Beverage industries. SCC offers both standard and custom engineered solutions designed specifically to your needs.  Our customers range from end users who market their product to the consumer; to engineering firms, general contractors, municipalities, and OEM partners. Our products typically range in size from 1 to 25,000 gallon capacity and we often integrate them into complete modular systems that include piping’s, pumps, specialty agitation and controls.

Founded in 1860, Sharpsville Container Corporation (SCC) was originally established as a boiler works manufacturer and operated under the name “Sharpsville Steel Fabrication”.  The business’ early success was driven by the expansion of the iron and steel industries after the Civil War.  Purchased in 1997 by the Reserve Group, and in partnership with its new sister company Spartanburg Stainless Products, production capability for specialty kegs and gas cylinder manufacturing was shifted to SCC.  Today, SCC remains part of The Reserve Group, a privately owned portfolio of independent operating business’ that shares a common philosophy “to strive for growth through relationships and shared accomplishments with its’ customers”.  We are committed to the safety of our customers and our colleagues, the quality of your product, and continued improvement of our product offerings thru engineering and innovation.



             In 1860, Sharpsville Steel Fabricators was another manufacturer pulled into the petroleum boom and the emerging petro-chemical business. Indeed, the company fabricated the first iron tank used by Colonel Drake of the oil industry.

             The Civil War and the expansion of the iron and steel industry enabled the company to further diversify its products. In the Archives of the Sharpsville Historical Society, there is a picture of the facility taken during the Civil War. It shows draft horses pulling a wagon through the huge doors at the West end of the plant. Mounted on the wagon were metal fabrications that were actually components for fighting ships being built during the Civil War. The growth of the automobile industry required the fabrication of storage tanks for refineries, bulk and service stations, and tanks for transporting petroleum products. One of the company’s early achievements of national prominence was the manufacture of the first motor driven meter pumps now found in all gasoline retail outlets.

             In 1985, the business was re-christened, "Sharpsville Container,” where the focus of the company was shifted to high quality stainless steel vessels and roto-molded plastic containers.  Today, Sharpsville Container Corporation provides value added services and high quality products to a multitude of customers throughout North America and the World. We strive for success through relationships and accomplishments.